“Bison Hunting” series Main Title Sequence

Bison Hunting Opening Titles

The opening credits for “Bison Hunting” for the Marmot film company and the 1st channel feature a gritty and intense design, reflecting the crime, detective work, and investigation themes of the show. The visuals also incorporate elements of the modeling agency and fashion industry, set against the backdrop of the Soviet era, to highlight the glamour and corruption in power. The credits use bold typography and dark, moody visuals to set the tone for the thrilling and complex storyline of the series. We have filmed neon signs in Varna city to add them to the visual story, have drawn hand lettering “Bison”, stencil digits and signs, color corrected it all, composed it with the rough masks to the whole story and voila:

The Actor series Opening Titles

Our credits for the “Actor” TV series by Sreda production company. The cast is: director Vano Burduli, composer Sergei Kashirin, post-production manager Olga Nikulina. Design, filming details, editing, color correction, VFX – we: Marina Getmanova and Dmitry Puzyrev.

We selected material from the series, and shot it from the screen through a moving curved glass. Thus, a “liquid” picture was obtained, as if through tears. Fragments of macro shooting from a screen with large pixels. We also shot water drops running across the glass against a black background, and placed them in different directions. Monochrome cold color correction with purple and pink overflows.

Наши титры для сериала “Актер” кинокомпании Среда. Состав: режиссер Вано Бурдули, композитор Сергей Каширин, пост-продакшн менеджер Ольга Никулина. Дизайн, съемка деталей, монтаж, цветокоррекция, VFX – мы: Марина Гетманова и Дмитрий Пузырев.

Мы отобрали материал из сериала, и пересняли его с экрана через движущееся кривое стекло. Таким образом получилась “текущая” картинка, как через слезы. Фрагментами макро-съемка с экрана с крупными пикселями. Также мы сняли бегущие по стеклу капли воды на черном фоне, и запустили их в разном направлении. Монохромная холодная цветокоррекция с фиолетовыми и розовыми наплывами.