“Kesha must die” opening titles design

Our Main Title Sequence for “Kesha must die” series by production company of Valery Todorovsky and KION online cinema. Premiered December 1st 2023. The company’s artist sent us photographs of the herbarium. We dried and photographed some of the plants ourselves. We drew graphics and blots to imitate scientific information in the university herbarium pages. Animated some elements of the herbarium. Applied texture of an old paper and shadows, made from the shot tree leafs. Designed typography, looking like old stamps. Thank you for watching, more examples are in the “Motion demo”.

The Cerber series main title sequence design

Main Title Sequence design for the “Cerber” series by Vladimir Schegolkov. All the footage and handwriting here is our work. We have gathered plants in a forest, prepared scripts on paper, soaked in tea, poured a chokeberry syrup, filmed it all on a black paper background, moving a camera around on the small handmade dolly, edited the sequence, color corrected it, added some flying dust, and voila 🙂

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